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Sweet Infusion Honey is a family owned, Edmonton based home business.  We started to keep honey bees as a hobby for Jason, and since Barb grew up on a commercial honey farm, we decided to see if we could make something new from this timeless product.  We started our company not intending to start a company at all! We simply experimented with our  own liquid honey and varieties of natural ingredients that we thought would taste good and add some excitement.  After a time frame of testing many options there were some winners, and some losers but we had some fun tasting sessions, and ended up with a few new flavours that worked really well.

There was a big learning curve, how to let people try and buy our products, packaging, sourcing ingredient suppliers and all that fun business stuff.  With the help from a few of the Alberta Farmer's Markets and a lot of market days chatting with customers, it was confirmed.  We had made something delicious!

We have grown and changed over 3 seasons attending Farmer's Markets, Community Events, and large Handmade Markets all around Edmonton and other communities.  A big change came in 2019 when we completed a little production room that we built in our basement and completed all the City and AHS paperwork and visits we needed to legally produce our honey to sell to all of you! 


Meeting as many people as possible, sharing samples of our delicious honey and listening to feedback has changed and improved our product and the direction of our business.  Thank you to anyone who was kind enough to stop by our booth at these different events and take a chance on our family business. It means more than you know.

Since we live inside the city of Edmonton we do not have the room or facilities to produce all of the liquid honey we now require for our customers.  With our recent growth we are thrilled to be able to be sourcing fresh honey from some of the many quality commercial honey producers around Edmonton.  With the 35 year connection to commercial beekeeping in Alberta, we know and trust the producers who we partner with.  This allows us to support local farmers, focus on our specialty, and keep control of our high standards of quality.  We guarantee our product is pure honey, natural ingredients, and a unique recipe. 

Along with our product line of delicious honey, Barb has been building some side projects that tie in with the business. 

  • Fundraiser program: We have a program to schools, teams, and charity groups to offer our honey to their supporters and raise money for their organizations.  Make 20-30% of total sales for your group, and offer a healthy, unique, and delicious product!

  • In-School Honey Bee Presentation: In spring time when Jason is building new hives for his customers we take the opportunity to take an observation hive into schools, daycares, and home-school groups.  These presentations are full of new and fascinating information about bees, their lifecycle, colony mechanics, and the beekeeper/honey bee relationship.  The exciting part is that a real live bee hive is safely brought into the classroom for the children to observe and discover while getting over fears and turning that into fascination.

  • Wedding Favors: Our honey makes a beautiful and truly unique wedding favor with high value for the dollar.  for less than $3.00 per guest you can order natural or liquid honey in little 59g jars, then even customize the label with your names, a cute phrase or thank you to your event guests.  Contact us for more information and a quote for your event

Thank you for your interest in our products.  If you have not tried our honey it is definitely worth the try.  Even if you have not liked flavoured honey in the past... just try it!!! 


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