Bee School

Honey bees are such amazing creatures.  We at Sweet Infusion Honey have a lifetime of experience with bees, and we want to share this knowledge. 

There is a lot of information and wonderful material to learn about bees, but we add something special,

We bring our live bee friends to visit your class!

With our onsite presentation the children in your care will learn:

  • Hive members

  • Roles in the bee community

  • What they eat

  • How they make food

  • How they pollinate

  • Some bee keepers tools

  • How they survive the cold Alberta winters


During the presentation they will be given an opportunity to observe real honey bees contained in a safe and secure observation hive.

The time window to be able to use baby hives in this way is short; Especially in Alberta. The bees can't start building again until there are flowers to feed on, which can vary with each year.  We book presentations from the end of May and all the way through June with a limited number of schools per day. 

We can adjust the presentation to your group needs.  It is designed for Children from Pre-Kindergarten up to Grade 6, if you have any requests we are open to customization.

If you are a teacher looking for information and some activities about bees I have included a link to a page from the Canadian Honey Council that is a great source for curriculum for grades 1-3 (apparently this link does not work on mobile version.  for teacher's kit please use a computer)

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