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An Introduction to Sweet Infusion Honey

I am not a blogger!! I wanted to get that out of the way and set some expectations for you. I am the owner of this little honey company, and I have learned that these days to grow a company you need a blog. I am excited and terrified of this, so I am focusing on the idea that this will allow me to share some of my knowledge and experience with honey, bees, business, family, and a few other things. I hope to get used to this internet machine soon, and I really hope that some of my blog topics will be interesting and you will find some value in what I write.

First off, my name is Barb Kreller. My dad was a bee keeper for almost my whole life so I have been exposed to bees in a very intimate way. When I married my husband Jason he was a nice, hardworking city boy and that was great. He caught a love of bees after helping my dad out about 5 years ago and that was how it all started. He enjoys working with the honey bee hives, and is so good at the bee keeping activities. Well, when you help bees build a strong and healthy hive like Jason does, you end up with a LOT of honey. Since I have a background in sales, and was looking for a challenge after staying at home for my 2 girls for the past 9 years I was pretty excited about a new challenge. Mixing my sales skills with the wealth of knowledge on honey and bees has been the perfect fit.

Alberta has lots of the best honey in the world, other countries buy our light, beautiful, pure honey to mix with their own varieties to increase their quality and color. It is a tough market to sell honey as it naturally comes so we decided to experiment. This experimentation and creative take on honey ended up producing our current line of Infused honey. We source pure, natural ingredients that will mix into and remain mixed with our unpasteurized natural honey to create new, useful, healthy and really delicious options.

This has been an amazing journey so far, over 4 years we have created our line of products, sold at farmer's markets, gift shows, town fairs, craft markets, and started to build our online store. With the help of many people we are building a quality focused business that makes a product that people are returning to buy and sharing with their family and friends.

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